Imatran Ketterä -07 Spring Tournament 2019

In the end of the season 2018-2019 Imatran Ketterä -07 team organizes spring tournament in Imatra. Tournament will be held in the amazing Ukonniemi sports resort area in Imatra 13.-14.4.2019.

Tournament will be played in two divisions (level AAA and AA) and in two rinks. Each team will play five matches (qualification group matches and ranking matches). Tournament time is from Saturday 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM and Sunday from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Match time 1×45 minutes, without intermission.

Each team will have three matches on Saturday and two matches on Sunday.

Tournament uses Gamesresutsonline

The winners of both divisions will be awarded by trophies and three best teams will be awarded by medals.

Further information and enrolments
Ville Bohm

Participating teams:


Division AAA

1. Ketterä, Imatra

2. Saipa, Lappeenranta

3. Kiekko-Nikkarit, Riihimäki

4. Hunters, Porvoo

5. KY-80, Hamina





Division AA

1. Ketterä, Imatra

2. SaiPa, Lappeenranta

3. Pelicans P-H, Heinola

4. Hunters, Porvoo

5. Warkis, Varkaus

6. Kojo, Helsinki

7. Kiekko-Nikkarit, Riihimäki

8. KY-80, Hamina


Rules & divisions:

  • Rules and match program of tournament will be delivered to the teams at the latest 17.3.2019
  • 2 divisions – level AAA and AA
  • Match time 1×45 minutes, no intermission
  • 5 matches/team

Participation fee:

  • 650 € / team
  • Pre-payment of 300 € / team has to be paid after two weeks from enrolment. This will be deducted from the participation fee which have to be paid at the latest 17.3.2019. If team decides to cancel participation, the host team Imatran Ketterä is justified to keep the pre-payment and enrol new team to the tournament.



  • Catering for participating teams will be organized Imatra Ice Arena cafeteria.